What kind of optics are these?

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    I got these for a couple dollars at an electronics flea market. They look like maybe some kind of dichroic lens, but I don't know. Can anyone help identify them? Did I get a good deal for a couple bucks?

    Here's the first one. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's got a slight red tint:
    The side has printed on it: 110-0006-RD CVI 211020

    Here's one side of the next one:
    And the other side:
    The top of the case has a sticker that says
    Part No:
    105-0022, Rev. F
    S/N: 2213+2214

    I don't know much about optics, but I have a HeNe laser and thought these might be fun to play with. I'd be much obliged to anyone who can help identify.
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    Are they filters of some type? Is the clear plastic just the cases?
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    Yeah, those are just the cases I got them in.
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    They are likely dielectric filters- CVI is now part of Melles Griot, and they did a lot of optical coatings. An item similar to the last one turned up here:


    Was it a good deal? I guess that depends on if you think it was a good deal or not :) Have fun!
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