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What kind of physics would be traceable if something .

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    Let's say you come across a shapeshifter who can manipulate physical reality and particles using some kind of force, perhaps bending light and gravity at a ridiculously quick rate. The shapeshifter is also really good at avoiding cameras and witnesses, so you can never really see the shapeshifting occur unless the shapeshifter wants you to see the shapeshifting occur.

    Would there be some kind of tool that you could use to measure a change in the environment? Perhaps some way of seeing if a nuclear reaction occurred?

    Also, if a shapeshifter could bend light, gravity, and particles, wouldn't there be a significant environmental change, such as a wormhole appearing quite rapidly?

    From what I've research on wormholes, bending light, and manipulating gravity, it's as though a wormhole would appear. I'm thinking if a shapeshifter was relying on some fundamentals of physics, such as the conservation of energy, then there would be a lot of energy involved in the reaction for the shapeshifter to completely change his or her physical appearance. Would something like this go into the realm of tachyonic technology?
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    This forum is for reviewing books, movies, comics, tv shows, etc...

    A shapeshifter is imaginary and any guess at how it would be done would also be imaginary.
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