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What major of Chemistry is dealing with toxic?

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    There are plenty of different types of majors being a Chemist. To work for the Feds and be a Chemist and work on the fields cleaning up hazardous and toxic wastes, gas leaks and etc, what Chemistry major do I need to major in? Would it be Chemical Engineering? BioChem?
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    as mysqlpress said, toxicology is the right thing, if we talk of chemistry alone. But, if you want to work at crime scenes and with the feds and stuff, you will have to take courses in forensic sciences. I don't know much abt this though...
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    I believe it's BioChem, but you'll want to talk to people in the field you want to go into to get their opinions first.
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    You can get into the field either by doing BS with Bio-Chem major and then forensic science or by doing physiology. There might be other ways of getting there...
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    I would go for chemistry (engineering if provided), if you are planning on dealing with 'chemical catastrophes' with the environment.

    If you are dealing with 'chemical catastrophes' with humans or living organisms, I would go for biochemistry, since the emphasis on chemistry is less accentuated than on the living organisms.

    Don't know if that made sense though..
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    Toxicology is typically a branch of medical science dealing with toxins in the blood stream or interacting with an organism, rather than an environment. If you're talking about hazardous wastes (especially RCRA regulated wastes), chemical engineering or environmental engineering are applicable.
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    hmm..i had a friend whos relative is working in this field, he works like a doctor for crimes scene invistigating (sound good eh?), he told me as i can remember that he graduated from a major which is part from the school of medicine..
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