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What math is needed in Electrical Engineer

  1. Oct 19, 2011 #1
    Specifically I'm looking at linear algebra, which topics in a first course of that class is useful to an electrical engineer. I'm taking the class right now and it feels like all the useful stuff (solving equations, matrix manipulation, etc) I already knew prior to this class. All the other stuff seems more theoretical and I'm wondering if these topics are ever used in EE.

    Not that I mind either way, I took the class because I enjoy math not because I thought it might be useful.

    The same goes for Complex analysis, I work with complex numbers often but never anything fancy (simple algebraic manipulation usually). Will I gain anything useful to EE by taking the class.

    I'm talking mostly about undergraduate level for everything, I am interested in graduate EE work because I'm still undecided whether I wish to go but I'm specifically wondering about my short term.
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    You might use more advanced linear algebra in control systems, depends on the teacher though; at least at my school the stuff you say you already knew is about most of what you use in EE.

    Complex variables is useful in dsp and controls, conformal mapping is used in both, I have yet to have to solve integrals with residue calculus in EE but you never know; I sometimes think I should've taken numerical analysis in place of complex but it was a fun class if nothing else.
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