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Medical What Might Cause Morgellan's Disease?

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    If you are not familiar with Morgellan's, it is a disease where lesions appear on the skin, and then weird fibers begin to grow out of the lesions.

    Some in the medical community seem to think it's a hoax or a self-induced condition due to scratching and such, and that the fibers are just textiles, but spectral analysis by a doctor who is a "believer" rules out both textiles and "organic" (carbon based) compounds.

    Any ideas?

    I vote for either cancers or unknown viruses (capable of reprogramming cell functions). I think bacteria is a possibility, but it doesn't seem likely because it should have been discovered by now.
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    Please post links to literature documenting current medical consensus and the spectral analysis work done by this doctor. Without this any discussion is largely dead before it begins. Thanks.
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    Anecdotal stories are not acceptable. Morgellons is not recognized by the medical community as a real disorder.

    http://www.cdc.gov/unexplaineddermopathy/ [Broken]

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