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What music genre describes computers the most?

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    I myself are thinking about chiptune and dubstep ... and if it's possible , can you name a song that is the best to listen to when programming ?
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    Well Youtube has quite a few but this is a historical classic:

    and this great moog tune:

    and some others:

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    Wow , thanks ... I mostly listen to chiptunes like outbrk by sabrepulse . But there is a song that is awesome for this and its (( crystals )) by M|O|O|N .
    Btw , youtube is filtered here but I know my ways around and can bypass it easily ... if you live here you have to know your ways around hacking and such ... I know its not correct to hack and such , but thanks for the reply . I really appreciate it !
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    And where might "here" be? You didn't say..o_O
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    He said "Iran" in another thread.
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    Ah, thanks, Mark, That was going to bug me. Shame some one would have to hack to watch youtube. I typically feed my fat imperial USA belly 20-30 youtube videos a day (all science-related, of course, except for the occasional world war 2 video). I couldn't imagine not having that access..:oldfrown:
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    I would start with Kraftwerks Autobahn, a little dated but its inspirational in a tech sense.
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    Vanadium 50

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    If you want something from Portal, shouldn't be Cara Mia Addio/Turret Opera? With the Fat Lady Turret?
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    Back in the day the most popular computer music was played on large band printers when some joker would sneak a bogus deck of cards into a batch run. The most common song was "Anchors Away".
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    GlaDOS, the computer in Portal, has become a crowdsourced pop star in the USA. In Japan it's Hatsune Miku, a sweet innocent girl. The US version is a sociopathic murder. Maybe I'm not surprised.
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