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I What neutron energy regime is dominant with neutron capture?

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    When a target is irradiated with neutrons there a number of different nuclear reactions that can occur. In neutron capture, which neutron energy regime is most dominant? I can't seem to find any specific literature about neutron capture and neutron energy, but most of the general stuff I've read leads me to believe the most dominant would be thermal neutrons.

    Fast: >0.5 MeV.
    Intermediate: 1 keV to 500 keV.
    Resonance: 1 eV 1000 eV.
    Epithermal: 0.025 eV 0.2 eV.
    Thermal: ~0.025 eV.
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    Typically you have some resonances with high absorption cross sections for specific energies, and apart from that the cross sections increase with decreasing energy, so most neutrons are captured as thermal neutrons.
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