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  1. Kirk Truax

    Neutron fission cross section

    Hey all, Does anyone happen to know the value of ν∑f for natural uranium? Here ν is the average number of neutron released from fission and ∑f is the macroscopic fission cross section of uranium. Kirk
  2. M

    He-3 Neutron absorption

    I'm curious, why does Helium-3 fission into H-3 and H upon neutron absorption? Surely the He-4 nucleus configuration is more stable? I get that the energy release may be what splits the nucleus, because it releases quite a lot of energy if it were to simply absorb the neutron.
  3. Phaeous

    Of Lost Neutrons Within Reactors

    How is a continuous chain reaction maintained within a moderator if it is not fissile material? Are the fissile materials mixed with the moderator or are they coalesced at the center of the surrounding moderator? If it is the latter, how would the surrounding moderator allow fissile material to...
  4. T

    Neutron Capture in Hydrogen Fusion Reactor

    A recent issue of Aviation Week described a novel design for a fusion reactor from the Lockheed Skunk Works. It was smaller, simpler and lighter than the extant systems now being built and they're optimistic about it's test run in five years. I wrote a letter to the editor touting this departure...