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What physical experiment would tell you how many electrons an atom has

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    How did scientists/chemists experimentally determine how many electrons an atom has?
    Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, etc....
    I'm wandering what physical experiment would tell you how many electrons an atom has?
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    Re: Electrons

    They determined the nuclear charge from the wavelength of the K_alpha lines in X-ray spectra and relied on the number of electrons being equal due to charge neutrality. See
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    Re: Electrons

    During the 1890s and early 1900s, there were a number of scientists working on atomic structure: Rutherford, Bohr, Thomson, and many physicists, and numerous chemists.

    Rutherford had made an estimates of the nuclear charge in conjunction the work of others.

    J. J. Thomson's Nobel lecture (Thomson determined the electron's e/m)


    Millikan's Nobel presentation (Millikan determined the electron charge)

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