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What should I answer to the question what do you bring to the project ?

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    What should I answer to the question "what do you bring to the project"?

    I am going for an interview and I was ask to prepare a presentation with my previous work and also with what I bring to the project.
    I do not know much about the project only that is related to the preparation of a specific compound and the need is to measure experimental some characteristics and to contribute to some data base.
    Everything I know is included in the add in one sentence.
    I can say I bring my skills to the experimental work and I know to work with the software to do the theoretical calculation for the data base.
    But I do not know and i do not have time to spent searching what is the status about those at this time and what the unknown problems are and that it was the need of this project to cover the gap of some specific information but i do not know what are those.
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    Re: What should I answer to the question "what do you bring to the project"?

    I think just mentioning your skills, how you work with others, your diligence, etc. would be what they are asking for. If you can give specific examples of how those things have helped out on other projects, that would help you to stand out as a candidate.
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