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Other What should I do with my extra year?

  1. Jun 3, 2016 #1
    Thank you for reading!
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    I don't know about full-time engineering work, but you could always look around and see who hires interns for the fall and spring.
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    If you're pursuing law school (n.b. a truly horrible job market) then you should be preparing for the LSAT. Do these four credits have to be in your major? If not, take a pre-law class or study a language.
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    I think getting actual work experience in some form would be better than concentrating on maximizing your potential results in final exams.
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    I've had multiple internships before. I was hoping to get an actual position just for the sake of having it on my resume.

    The general job market for lawyers is bleak, but I'm specializing and I don't plan on attending unless I get into a T14 school. The credits have to be in my major, and they are only offered during those semesters.

    Can an engineering firm hire someone without an accredited engineering degree and call them an engineer? If so I'll look more into applying for a full time job.
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    That's going to depend very much on what firm it is and what the actual job responsibilities are.
    If you don't set your sights too high and go for a junior/assistant position with a middle of the road kind of company you could get lucky, although you won't have the official job description 'engineer'.
    That kind of experience looks good on a resume not so much because of the official job title, but as proof of your ability for teamwork, respect for operating guidelines, good relations with management and so on.
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    Dr Transport

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    If you're going to law school, take a coupe of english or philosophy courses (critical writing intensive). You'll need it.
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