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What Should I Use For Solar Cell Dust Testing

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    Right now I am trying to figure out how much of an affect dust has on the power production of some solar cells that I have.

    I was just searching for a possible material to use for dust testing. Anyone have any bright ideas?
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    oh right, I have considered using chalk and thats my number 1 so far, but im concerned with whether or not it would stick to the acrylic that my cells are made out of.
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    Why not just use some dirt from outside?
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    ISO standard test dust, of course.

    The standard is ISO12103-1.
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    I need the dust to be uniform and controllable. I also need it to be quantifiable.
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    ohh of course, I totally forgot about ISO12103-1 test grade. silly me.

    Seriously though, seems promising. Thanks for the suggestion
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    That's a great idea, i always wanted to see how much of an impact dirt has on the cells.
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