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Job Skills What side job in school looks good on a resume?

  1. Oct 31, 2016 #1
    Good morning everyone, Just a simple question.

    I plan to work while going to school. I want to build something relevant to an entry level resume when I graduate College. The only question is what? I had been sending out feelers in order to get back into the electronics field. But I've also been seeing things on auto-mechanics as well. So my question is if you could go back and do it all again, what job would you have gotten while in school, that would have increased your chances at finding a job when you graduated?

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    A programming job. I worked 20/30 hrs per week while going fulltime for BS in Phydics as a floor sweeper/ appliances salesman in a dept store. It paid my college debt pretty much but took a toll in grades to do it.

    However, i got my fulltime job because I was involved in explorer scouts sponsored by a major company who hired me immediately as a comp tech.

    A year later I became a programmer in that same company so being one in school could have jump started my career sooner.

    I think connections and internships are really important so I'd focus on them while keeping your grades up ie don't work too much while actively going to school.
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    The above advice to get a programming job is very good.

    You might also look into getting a student or work-study job in a physics lab on campus.

    Your goal should be to get a job doing something relevant and where any recommendations would be more valuable than if you were flipping burgers or working in the cafeteria.
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    I think it's obvious that a job that requires and develops special skills is better than a job that requires no special skills. Other than that, it's a roll of the dice. You mentioned in other posts that you plan on getting a BS ME. So, come job hunting time:

    If you apply for a position with a car manufacturer, "auto mechanic" on your resume looks good.

    If you apply for a position with an electronics equipment manufacturer, "electronics service technician" looks good.

    If you apply for a position with an HVAC engineering firm, "HVAC installer and service technician" looks good.

    If you apply for a position with a food prep equipment manufacturer, "chef" looks good.
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