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What sort of engineering should i do?

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    I like maths and physics, but im not really practical with anything

    wat do you nice people recommend me doing?
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    Maybe you should consider pure physics? Or maybe electric engineering, most of it is theory.
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    mechanical engineering!!! thats what my dad does he works at Hydroelectric power plants which are the most efficent and clean ways to produce energy!!!

    EDIT: Plus if you like fishing ;)
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    I read some of your previous posts, and it sounds like you are still relatively young and maybe still in high school? My advice would be to not worry about theory versus practice for now, just keep nurturing your interest in science and math, and aim for going to a good college and majoring in science or math. By the time you get there, you will have more of an idea of what you want to do, and after your first two years of the 4-year college curriculum, you will be able to better identify your favorite specialty.

    I knew coming out of high school that science was my forte, and I entered college as an EE/ME double major (who was worried about my apparent weakness in harder math). By the 2-year mark, I had figured out that hard work was the key to getting better at math, and changed my major to EE/CS based on my favorite classes. By the time I graduated with my BSEE/CS (and very good grades in math), I had a scholarship for grad school, and a great start to what has turned out to be a very technical, mathematical and rewarding career as an EE.

    Don't get hung up on initial perceived shortcomings -- your abilities will change over time. Focus on your overall strengths and avocations, and consciously work on any potential weaknesses that could limit how high you can reach in your long term goals.
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