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What substance(not really a lube) can reduce friction signifigantly?

  1. May 17, 2013 #1
    I need suggestions for a type of surface that you could be able to put on the bottom of your shoe and be able to slide easily. (Please, do not say wheels.) The catch is that you don't want it to scratch off and using a lubricant is most likely not going to work because it would come off all over the ground.

    For example, imagine if you had a teflon coated shoe. You would be able to resist friction significantly and would be able to glide as if you did have wheels on your shoe. The only thing is it would more than likely come off after a few scrapes right?

    So the question is, what is a surface that you could apply to the bottom of your shoe that would not come off and allows you to reduce friction enough to glide/slide easily?

    P.S If you can think of a lubricant that wouldn't scrape off on the floor/pavement please add it!

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    You've heard of brain storming, what you need is trystoming. Of course the better you slide the harder it will be to work.

    First Robotics used sheets of some white plastic stuff from Home Depot as a low frictions surface a few years ago, go explore the wall panel section.
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    PTFE or PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) would be my suggestion. You could make a sole out of solid Teflon and this would be pretty robust.
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    A brush with long bristles made of something smooth and hard-wearing. A jet of air through the bristles might give it even less friction.

    Like sliding the dog around the floor while it clings to the broom head.
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    I didn't know that you were a fellow Canadian! That's "pond curling" in a nutshell.
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