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What thick plate of plexi I need for my vacuumchamber

  1. Jul 11, 2015 #1

    I would like to build a Vacuum chamber for -29Hg(-1bar).
    The Chamber that I'll be using will be 0.157 icnhes(4mm) cooking pot.
    Diameter around 10'' and 9'' tall. I also want to heat up to chamber between 100-160F(40-70 Celcius).
    The chamber will be used for degassing Buthane out of a substance and for degassing silicones etc....

    As I look on the internet allot of people use Plexiglass(acryl).
    I was wondering how thick of a plate I would need to use for the lid of the chamber and does it mater
    if it's square of circle ?

    This is what I would like it to look like:


    I hope some one could tell me.

    I'll be using a 3-5CFM pump 2 stage 150< micron

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    This is a complex stress analysis problem due to the "cooking pot" geometry.
    The biggest problem I see is: Plexiglas is NOT the same as Acrylic. Plexiglas is tough, will not shatter, and is expensive. Acrylic is brittle, shatters, and is inexpensive. Tread carefully through this minefield laddie, there be beasties lurking about. I'd suggest your wall thickness needs to increase substantially. And be sure you are wearing protective eyewear. Maybe even a flak jacket.

    There are cylindrical vacuum vessels available from lab equipment supply vendors. Perhaps you should look into it.
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