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What to do after algebra? For entry into college

  1. Jul 3, 2012 #1
    My goal is either to go for physics, or areospace engineering. I'm currently learning enough to get me into a college class, but I'd at least like a basic understanding of what the math I'll be dealing with when I begin classes, so any ideas?
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    It depends where you want to start out in physics or engineering. To finish college, you'll need to know calculus and maybe a little bit of linear algebra depending on what you decide to do. But this is all stuff that you can learn while in college.

    You could probably go into college with nothing more than algebra, but it'll delay you from taking introductory physics courses. I would try to start up on precalculus stuff, which is basically Trigonometry and what my school calls function analysis. If you go into college knowing all of precalculus you'll be able to jump into beginning physics and engineering classes and by the time you're done with those you can have taken calculus and be able to move to the more challenging stuff.
  4. Jul 3, 2012 #3
    Probably calculus (differentiation and integration)would be your best bet.

    Will you be doing any maths courses as well as physics/aerospace engineering?
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    I dunno what's required for either yet, I'm still just learning math, so I assume I likely will, what else would be reccomended?
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    You need to learn calculus in either of the fields you are planning on entering. A solid foundations in Algebra and Trigonometry is need to begin learning calc. If you havent done any trig then that should be next. Typically they have classes called precalculus that are generally a combination of algebra and trig.
  7. Jul 3, 2012 #6
    Would geometry be worth learning as well?
  8. Jul 3, 2012 #7
    I'm surprised you weren't taught geometry before algebra. I guess its not really needed, but you might be embarrassed at some point without knowledge of geometry: it'll be assumed everyone knows basic geometry in any physics or math course.
  9. Jul 3, 2012 #8
    Thanks, I may have had geometry in the past, but I am relearning it all after a long time of disuse. I am teaching myself the basic stuff, I just assumed algebra came first. Oh well Live and learn.
  10. Jul 3, 2012 #9
    A lot of geometry isn't needed at all for later stuff, so I would just worry about the basics, past that you should be fine. Trig and the rest of precalc is what I would focus on.
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