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What to do in the summer between soph/junior

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    I'm a sophomore who recently switched from EE to physics, and now I am kind of lost as to what to do with my summer. Seems that industry internships all wants engineers, and research opportunities are all targeted towards people who finished their Junior/Senior year. I understand that a lot of people apply for REU's, but is there any other things that I could do?
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    If the deadlines aren't past, apply to REUs! Even if you don't get accepted, you'll gain experience with the application process so you'll be better prepared next year. Having some EE under your belt may actually help you get into an REU, in fact; my experience is that potential advisors/mentors for a summer program want someone who can get work accomplished right away, and that may involve electronics work.

    As for what else can you do, check out the SULI program (google it) sponsored by the DOE. I did an internsihp at NREL last summer through that program. Or you can tell us what interests you and maybe someone will have a better suggestion.
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    Work with a professor at your home school. Take summer courses, at your school or at the school by your parents if you're dorming. Do a summer abroad instead of a semester abroad. Save the world by joining a habitat for humanity project or volunteering for a summer tutoring enrichment program for kids. Or just take a vacation if you're feeling burnt out.

    What's your life plan and what do you want to do for a summer?
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    Well, last summer I ended up doing absolutely nothing so I'm trying to make sure that I do something productive and have something to put on my resume when it comes time to apply for grad schools. As for "life plans", at the moment, its just getting through school, I plan to go for my phd.

    And I am applying for bunch of REU's, I'm just worried because I heard they are extremely competitive to get into.
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