What to type on DOS to repeat the last command

  1. does anyone remember DOS? what do I type to repeat the last thing I typed, instead of typing it all out again, if there is such a thing?
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  3. If I recall correctly you can just press the up arrow
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    On some older OS's implementation of the DOS box, you may need to type DOSKEY first, before the up arrow recall feature works. In your DOS box, just type HELP DOSKEY to learn more about the function. You can try the up arrow to see if it works at recalling the last command. If it doesn't, just type DOSKEY, and after that (in that active DOS window), it should keep working.
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  5. wow that's even easier than I thought... thx for the tip :smile:
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    Up arrow or <F3> still work in the dos console window. <F7> brings up a history of commands, allowing you to choose one from the list.
  7. the up -down key will do.but i have a problem accessing files contentsthrough the dos .when i type "type"
  8. Yes, as said, F3 repeats the previous command or the up arrow key... You can then use the left and right arrow keys to edit the line.

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