Controlling Mathematica Through the MS-DOS Command Line in VBA for CST MWS

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Hi, guys. I need to control Mathematica through the MS-DOS command line in Visual Basic for Applications as part of a macro for CST Microwave Studio. I can call Mathematica through the command line just fine with

Shell("math", vbNormalFocus)
but when I try to enter commands afterward, such as

Shell ("1+1", vbNormalFocus)
then VBA interprets this as me wanting to open another command line box instead of using the one I just opened and which has the Mathematica interface up. I've searched the internet for a few hours trying to fix this with no luck, so I thought I'd ask you guys. It seems like if I just knew one or two more lines of code I could fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note: the variety of VBA that CST's macro system uses is WinWrap Basic.


Sending commands one after the other will never work.

Generally speaking (not sure this would work with Mathematica in particular) is to generate a script file containing all the commands one wants an external program to perform, then open a shell executing the program with input from the script file.

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