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What Type of Engineer is Right for Me?

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    I am considering foing into the engineering feild, but I am not sure which type.

    I don't want to spend the rest of my life in front of a computer, I enjoy hands on work, being in the feild, meeting new people, conceptual stuff, ect.

    From that, can anyone suggest which engineering feild would be right for me? Thanks!

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    How about civil? You spend a lot of time in fields and it is by far the most difficult to outsource.
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    Why is civil the most difficult to outsource?
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    He's probably referring to infrastructure projects that are sensitive for defense reasons. I guess?
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    Chemical engineer is probably an outdoorsjob if you take process-engineering as your major.
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    Maybe mechanical or petroleum engineering... you can get jobs really easily in the oil industry where you work out in the field on oil rigs, work on oilfield technology design, and so on... Typically mechanical and petroleum engineering tend to be fairly "hands on", but it just depends on what kind of job you get into. Obviously if you are interested in engineering, you like the idea of problem solving, design, math and science, etc., and you can definitely find opportunities for this in mechanical or petroleum fields.
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    Or at a plant that makes wood pulp? Chemical engineers design, construct and operate plants. This means that they don't always sit a desk or a computer, only that they can. Often they go around the plant and look at certain processes and find ways to optimize.
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    No. A significant portion of civil engineers - though certainly not all - do work that requires their ability to be on-site. Many oversee construction or need direct access to the construction area.
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