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What type of engineering should i go into?

  1. Feb 20, 2007 #1
    I'm a first year engineering student, but I'm not sure which type of engineering to go into. I thought originally to go into Mechanical because I want to learn more about engines. But I also like chemistry a lot, so I was also looking at Materials Engineering. Any thoughts? I would appreciate any advice.
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    It sounds like you need to talk to a counsellor to find out more about each field. Mechanical Engineering is MUCH more than engines. If you like chemistry and mechanical "things" consider looking into chemical engineering.

    You counsellors will be your best avenue right now unless you know of more specific interests you have that can help narrow down the field.
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    If you like to work in mechanical maintenece, In JOB point of view, mechanical is ever green dept. because, any type of industry will be certainly having needs of mech man.

    If you like design either mech or chem is equally good.

    But history says, Mechanical is evergreen dept interms of JOB, variety of its fields (it covers almost all parts of engineering, civil, material, Production, hydraulics, aero, auto., projects, etc.) we find in practice mech man suiting to any kind of industry and environment.
    ofcourse choice is yours at the end.
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