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What type of fusion reaction generates the most neutrons?

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    What type of fusion reaction generates the most neutrons? All I've been able to find information for is D-D fusion and D-T fusion.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Well - you can get an idea from a periodic table.

    T+T -> He +2n

    10T -> Ne + 10n

    Li + N -> Ne + n ... but what if you used the heavier isotopes of Li and N?

    Its not quite that straight forward because it is possible for the fusion daughter nucleus to be an isotope, but it will give you an idea.
    i.e. Neon has 3 stable isotopes Ne20, Ne21, and Ne22, also radioactive isotopes up to Ne34.
    10T contributes 10p and 20n for a possible Ne30... which beta-decays.

    The reason p-p, d-d, and d-t fusion is given to you is because these are important for industrial fusion.
    An astrophysics course will also give you the stellar nucleosynthesis chains.
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