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Homework Help: What was the weight of the person?

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    A chair was pushed with a force of 82N with a person riding on it. The chair traveled 1.5 meters, and the chair weighs 135 N. I need to know the weight of te person who was riding the chair, and the acceration of the chair. I am allowed to experiment with the chair to gather any additional information, so if i nee to know anything can you please tell me what I need and how to find it? And then what i should do with the newly gathered information to get my answer? Thanks!
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    You need to figure out the coefficient of friction. Once you have this, just use your work formulas to figure it out.
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    Do you know how fast the chair was travelling at the end of the 1.5 m? Did is start from rest? Do you know how long it took to travel that distance? Would either of those quantities matter?
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    was there any friction? or are u juz working on non-frictionless surface? You certainly nid the coefficient of friction if there is friction and the friction force acting on the chair.. before formulas can be applied to solve for the weight of the person.
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