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Tug of war weight bias vs seated tug of war

  1. Jun 4, 2015 #1
    I saw a thread previously created but locked, and I do understand many events like the tug of war, and wrestling have a huge bias to weight.

    100kg guy vs 70kg guy. The 100kg guy only needs to push around 70kg and visa versa. I do understand the 70kg guy could be stronger, but generally speaking the bigger guy has the advantage.

    So I was thinking. Suppose you changed the tug of war to seated, how much (approx maybe) bias would be removed from the difference in weight. Does a seated tug of war equal things out and by how much?

    My initial hypothesis is that the bias would be reduced partially.

    Additionally, if you were both to sit in chairs facing each other and backs to the chair with a one arm pull, would this completely eliminate the bias in weight. Well at least until their arm was extended and you had to pull them out of the chair. But I'm thinking as their arm extended, they would have more strength at that point and pull you back.
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    Let's suppose in a tug of war we have a 100 kg man holding the rope on one end and a 50 kg child holding the rope on the other end. The rope is initially slack. The man is standing on a very slippery ice surface, and the child is standing on firm rough ground. The official gives the start signal. Who will win? As a betting man, my money's on the kid.
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