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What will MgCl2 ion pair + distilled water form and why?

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    If I dissolve MgCl2 in distilled water, will it form into [Mg++] + [Cl-] + [-Cl] ?
    or [Mg++] + [Cl2--]? -And Why? is it because of stability constants?

    -Also Are there any intermediate steps in the process?

    Similarly, If I dissolve MgSO4 in distilled water, without electric currents or temperature / pressure changes,
    it will dissolve into Mg + SO4, right? or will it go into H2SO4 + MgO, and then MgO + H2O will go into Mg(OH)2
    and then Mg(OH)2 + H2O = Mg2 + OH- ??

    -Please help!!

    Thank you for your insights and valuable help!! I can't figure this, as foolish as it is!
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    I have at least never heard of Cl2 double anion. The chlorine is not bonded to magnesium kation as Cl2, but as individual Cl-atoms, and in aqueous solution MgCl2 will dissolve into Mg++ and 2 Cl-.

    This is the case for all salts as far as I know.
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    Thank you very much, and what about the MgSO4 question?

    Thanks in advance to anyone providing insights! I know for you it may be silly, but for me its a important question! =D
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