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What would be best to study to prepare for

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    I was wondering what would be the best choice of major to go into to prepare to do research on new types of non-combustion propulsion (that function in a vacuum, doesn't have to work in the atmosphere as well)? Most of what I read today seems to lead toward next generation propulsion being largely about electromagnetics, plasma, and lasers. I really liked studying about electricity and magnitism in physics 2, and while I've never studied it before, plasma has always fascinated me (And not the type I 'donate' to pay for school :P). Lasers are interesting, but while I would like to know a little bit about them, I really wouldn't want to concentrate on them.

    Does anybody have any ithoughts? Thanks for reading.
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    I mean a major, such as physics with a specialty in xxxx or electrical engineering with a minor in physics... etc. Thanks again.
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    These kinds of jobs would be open to a physics major, in industry likely through some sort of graduate programme given the companies that work on these topics. An electrical engineering minor wouldn't hurt, since you would learn some pracitcal design as well.
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    Thank you, thats pretty much what I thought, I was just making sure.

    As a follow-up, what specialization for physics?
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