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What would happen if a tube like this were placed in the earths atmosphere?

  1. Jun 6, 2009 #1
    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I wondered if this belonged in one of the astronomy related sections but I don't know much about physics, I've never even taken a physics class.

    I constantly daydream about random stuff, and I thought up something the other day that was been bothering me and I just wanted an answer.

    Say you somehow suspended a tube in the atmosphere, its about 57 miles long and 30 feet in diameter. One end is in the troposphere about 5 miles above sea level, one is just above the karman line in the thermosphere [I think I accidently labeled it exosphere in the diagram <.<']
    Would the pressure difference cause the air in the troposphere to be constantly sucked into the mesosphere, and then that air returned to earth by earths gravity? I know I'm missing something, but I don't have the physics know how to figure it out.

    I drew up a diagram too

    http://moarpics.com/images/saqunb2f9lho5xk6qb.png [Broken]

    Any help would be appreciated :)
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    Vanadium 50

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    Nothing would happen. Why would tube walls make any difference?
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    Nothing would happen. The pressure gradient and the density gradient in the atmosphere due to earths gravity are already in equilibrium, and as Vanadium says the tube does not effect this equilibrium.
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    Suppose the tube was so big in diameter is enclosed the entire surface of the earth? would anything happen?

    Or you can work a rough analogy in your bathtub: If it were filled with water and you stuck a tube in vertically with both ends in the water, would anything happen? Suppose you held it horozontally??

    In each case, just as was posted above, the interior contents were just as they were before...stable.

    Now, if you heated the water or the air at the bottom of the tube, then the lower density hotter water would begin to rise.....
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