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What would YOU like to receive as a present

  1. May 4, 2006 #1
    It's my 21st birthday in a few short days, and my friends are all putting money together to buy me a 21st present. Only problem is, I don't know what I should tell them to get me, and they don't have any idea either. My roommate suggested an orrery (model of the planets/sun where everything moves at the correct relative speeds etc) which is a fantastic idea, but unfortunately a decent one is far too expensive.

    So PFers, help me out. If you could receive a present tomorrow, worth about $500-$600 tops, what would it be? (Personally I was hoping for something physics related, but that kinda narrows the field.)
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  3. May 4, 2006 #2

    George Jones

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    Tough to say without knowing your personal quirks

    Are you a book person?

    If so, then, even though they might be a bit boring as a gift, then interesting books?

  4. May 4, 2006 #3


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    -- An intro mountain bike (MTB)

    -- A flat TV for the wall

    -- A new laptop

    -- Some furniture piece that you need, like a small sofa or something

    -- A guitar or some other musical instrument that you always wanted to learn to play

    -- A purebred puppy (if you like dogs)

    -- Something for your favorite hobby, which is __________
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  5. May 4, 2006 #4
    Your turning 21, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....strippers and booze, then drive down to a casino and blow your tuition for next semester.
  6. May 4, 2006 #5


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    I'd certainly go for a bicycle, electric guitar or organ, or perhaps a digital camera.
  7. May 4, 2006 #6

    George Jones

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    Last night, I watched a DVD of George Harrison playing live in Japan in '91 or '92. Amazing! Wow, was he ever a master on slide guitar!

  8. May 4, 2006 #7
    A 64 node beowulf cluster with dual core opterons and a gig of RAM per node. :biggrin:

    A measly $32,000. A pittance says I. :approve:

    I wish says I. :frown:
  9. May 4, 2006 #8
    a flute. If no, some good books from amazon. If not even this, a laptop. If you already have one, donate me, I'd be very grateful.
  10. May 4, 2006 #9
    Wow. A bike's an awesome idea, hadn't even thought of it. Mine was stolen a couple of month's ago (bad neigbourhood), been driving to uni ever since. Musical instruments are great as well, but I play the cello and even though I'm renting a cello right now, to buy a decent one would still be several thousand. I really like the idea of a bike though, thanks.
  11. May 5, 2006 #10
    Tablet PC? A pragmatic way to take notes.

    A semesters' worth of textbooks!
  12. May 8, 2006 #11
    Well, turns out they had a bit more money than I thought they would. So I'm getting a telescope. Yay!. So look out for me on the astronomy forum, I'm sure to be posting lots of stupid questions there soon.
  13. May 8, 2006 #12


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    Last year, people went around collecting money to buy a stripper for a guy. Turns out they got a hooker and ... (the running joke is "Happy Birthday: here's your aids!")

    Thank God it wasn't me. and no i don't think he actually caught anything.
  14. May 9, 2006 #13
    A steinway and sons grand piano.
  15. May 9, 2006 #14


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    A bottle of each type of alcoholic beverage would be an interesting present that would last you for a while.

    A "sample package" if you will.

    You might still have some money left over for a bike as well.
  16. May 9, 2006 #15
    if you're going to buy a telescope make sure you don't get a crappy one. you may be better off buying expensive binoculars.
  17. May 10, 2006 #16
    Yeah I've done a bit of research into it. Getting an Orion 10" Dobsonian (there sold under another name here, but same manufacturer), for AU$650. Seems the best value for money, and from the reviews of read they are of decent quality, well suited for beginners/intermediate.
  18. May 10, 2006 #17


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    Make sure you have good skies (not much light pollution or heavy cloud cover) before asking for a telescope.

    We have very crappy skies in Singapore. :frown:
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