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I know this isn't a forum your average Gamer would visit, however I think it would be nice to get a wider variety of opinions.

Me and a team of programmers and modellers have gotten together recently and we are very serious about completing a game. It will be extremely difficult to compete with other companies, that's why our plan is to give as much support as possible, meaning Widescreen of course (tripple head, the works!) run natively in linux, mac, windows. Listen to our users for ideas and improvements, and take advantage of higher end systems, as well as allow it to run smoothly on far more inferior PC's. That will put us up a notch....

as for the game, we want it to be original to turn some heads, multiplayer only, because we want to keep this project realistic, mutliplayer is the easiest type of game to make generally. (maybe little single-player, like a training or something). The game needs replayability value above anything else. and we want it to be very original, flexible via scripting for servers ect....

So that being said, we are going around asking what kind of game people would like to see. Right now FPS (First Person Shooter) is the favorite, so if you want to stick with that, what features would you like to see that will make a game shine above the rest.

NOTE: we are going for feel, playability, fun, and not so much graphics and looks. that's for now though, we will see how well it progresses, but may offer separate low quality models textures ect.... for lower end PC's.


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I've been playing "GunZ, the Duel" for several years now and I still like it (and, it's free). That's not because of the great graphics (they are fine, but they don't compare to the realistic 3D graphics you find in shooters nowadays) but the variety in moves and play modes.
There are several basic moves, like dashing, tumbling slashing a sword, shooting a gun, climbing a wall and running along the wall, but they can be combined in almost endless combinations in which moves are canceled halfway, replaced by another one, etc. (Actually I think this ability to cancel animations was originally a bug, but thousands of people developing cool looking moves is what made the game popular). The higher your level becomes, the more skills you need, which is quite addictive.

Also, the game modes include death match (just shoot anyone you see), team death match (just shoot anyone from the other team), assassination (team who first kills the other teams target wins), quest (play with 3 other people against an army computer controlled characters) and duel (fight 1 on 1).

I guess the main point is: if you have an original idea with a versatile playing style, repetition and graphic quality don't really matter.

Maybe you should check it out and get some ideas :smile:


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Good controls, good interface, good balance, strategic depth.

See www.sirlin.net/articles
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ya strategic depth and lots and lots of tricks, moves, combinations, abilities, etc. many different play style characters so that it never gets old playing them . . i'm kind of thinking of a combination of elements of smash brothers and team fortress 2

the stages and team play can give a lot of good strategy obviously

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