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What's a good physics book for beginners that teaches math too?

  1. Nov 7, 2011 #1
    The highest degree I have is a high school diploma that I got last year and the most advanced math I've taken is applied geometry and 11th grade physical science for science. I've been interested in physics (and astronomy) for a while now and I've learned a lot of stuff about it from documentaries and research online, but I've decided to start from the beginning and and read an introductory book to learn all of the basics and work my way up. Are there any good books for me with my education or what should I do to start learning about physics in depth? What are your thoughts on Physics for Dummies?
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    I would recommend that you get caught up in math. You need to first learn Intermediate Algebra (Hek if you want, you can do College Algebra instead; it would help more) and Trigonometry if you want to learn the Algebra/Trig based Physics. I don't know of any Physics book that would teach Math as well. Your best bet is to learn the math first then tackle the Physics.

    Paul's Online College Algebra Notes (free for download):http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/Classes/Alg/Alg.aspx

    This site has both College Algebra and Trigonometry (free for download):http://www.stitz-zeager.com/Precalculus/Stitz_Zeager_Open_Source_Precalculus.html

    Also Khan Academy is not a bad place to start if you want to watch video lectures.


    Then when you feel comfy enough, you can dive right in to the Physics! Here is a free book on it.

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