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What's going to be my hardest semester?

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    I currently work ~20 hours/week. This fall my class schedule will only allow me to work 10 hours/week. My manager is going to talk to my program's director about that to see if it would be acceptable working half of what they hired me on for over a year ago. Even if, that's not enough for me to live on. And, also, it's probably going to be a problem each semester. My brother and I are living in my Dad's old house until he sells it, which he prefers sooner than later. He moved about an hour or so away. I could quit my current job then make a long commute to class and get another job somewhere else. Sorry for the rant. I'm just a bit frustrated and looking at the daunting remaining courses isn't helping much either.

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    It really depends on your teachers. I have had classes that I worked my butt off and got a low B, and other classes that I slept through and made and easy A. Topic wise (and everyone is different) electromagnetic theory and Quantum are the two that get most people.
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