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Homework Help: What's the best way to review for Physics Final?

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    Alright, I have a Physics Final exam coming up and I'm worried about it. How do you guys go about studying for everything from a whole semester? Should I just review all of the equations and clear up what each one means? Should I practice all of the problems at least a few times? What should I do to prepare? Btw, it is all multiple choice and covers from dynamics to rotational motion and torque. About 8 chapters in total. I've got less than 4 days to do it.
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    For me it has always always been a matter of doing a ton of practice questions. Thats it. Find as many practice questions and do them ALL. You will leave the exam room in half the time.

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    Unless your instructor has stressed conceptual understanding and definitions on previous exams, your time will be better spent doing as many practice problems as possible, as opposed to merely studying equations or rereading material.

    When doing practice problems, attempt them without any aids that will not be available for the exam (book or notes). Get in the habbit of trying to find a complete answer to the problem before looking back to the book to check your accuracy, instead of opening the book every time you are uncertain.
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    Alright, thanks for the advice. Does anyone else have anything to add? Any methods that have worked?
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