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Homework Help: Whats the best way to set up a table so it is more stable?

  1. Feb 8, 2013 #1
    Hi , not sure if this is the best place to set this question, if not please tell me where.. me and my friend are arguing about the best way to set a table, we have a rectangular plank and four legs in 'L' shape, how do we put the legs so they sustain the plank better? like this : L or ¬ ? and why? what sort of formula defends the answer? thanks in advance :)
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    Here are some factors for you to consider.

    1. The natural frequency of oscillation in a vertical or horizontal part of the leg. How does it depend on the length of the part? Do you want higher or lower frequency for more stability? How can you suppress oscillations better, by attaching a part to the plank, or allowing it to touch the ground?

    2. How far apart the legs should be. What's better, far or near?
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