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Whats the big deal with Abercrombie?

  1. Aug 5, 2006 #1
    ok whats the big deal with Abercrombie?!?!?!?:confused:

    it may b a little overpriced but im fine with it!! its not like its ur money!!

    im open to anyones thoughts
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    the thing about abercrombie tis that many people think that it is a an over priced stroe for rich snots and preps when its not.
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    does anyone like abercrombie that is here?
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    I am first going to admit that I am a huge hypocrite. Let me warn you first. Not because I wear abercrombie, but because I like to wear "stylish" clothing that is costly.

    I hate abercrombie because popular teenage kids purchase the clothing and think that they are fashionable. I hate abercrombie because unpopular teenage kids purchase the clothing because, they feel, in order to be popular they must own abercrombie. I hate abercrombie because it is the McDonalds of style, just in the same sense Red Lobster is the McDonalds of sea food. If you want good sea food you go to a nice restaurant. If you want nice clothing you go to a nice store.

    Now, why am I hypocrite? I am one because this same argument can be used about the clothing I purchase, and the restaraunts that I frequent. So long and short... if you like abercrombie, than do your thing.
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    I just noticed this was in the Brain Teaser section. This isn't a brain teaser is it? :rofl:
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    Of course he's pricey. You think DeLay was any cheaper?

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    Perhaps it's their racist sense of humor?

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    Pitty they don't have stores in Europe. I rather like that style.

    Seems like the brand has been the target of typical US sensitivity on ethnic, religious and sexual issues. Nothing wrong with it from where I'm standing. True, they may be targetting a specific demographic, but wether or not you chose to be friendly that particular group of people, that is their right.

    For example, would you hate your typical hiphop artist because they seem to be targetting coloured urban kids?
  11. Aug 5, 2006 #10
    I wouldn't expect you to fully understand because I think you'd have to live here in the US to really understand the racial tension that does go on - abercrombie doesn't just target white kids, they are pretty openly racist to all other ethnicities, and have been and still are the target of multiple law suits regarding that.
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    I'm actually quite familiar with the US mentality. I often visit, my dad works there and my best friend is American. The best term I can find to describe the US approach to racial issues is "A côté de la plaque", loosely translated as completely besides the issue. Most Americans who consider themselves to be tolerant and open-minded are overly sensitive to issues of race...while being completely obsessed with the matter themselves, albeit in a (apologetic?) positive way. How can you ever hope to eradicate racial prejudice when every bloody official form you need to fill in asks for your ethnic background?

    I come from a country that has vast numbers of foreign immigrants, many of which are from the former African colonies or Northern African countries. We still have a strong going fascist movement here. So I think I have a good idea idea about "racial tension".

    The adverts for said company that I have seen are stereotypical, yes. But as far as I understand it these are works of parody, admittedly marketed in an aggressive fashion which I do not appreciate myself.
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    :rofl: racism, it's not it's stupidism, I pay nothing much for my clothes, I'm not going to follow a brand a label or a company, no one with any sense does, if their racist it's a niche market, they are welcome to it. The clothes do not maketh the man, the man maketh the clothes, what you wear isn't indicative of you, you are, you maketh yourself. Buy what you feel, it's a free market, if your thinking do I look good in this and asking others, it's the wrong idea, fabulise yourself :biggrin:
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    Ah well...I'll admit to owning one pair of their pants because they are sturdy and haven't gone to shreds after a few years of wearing them...but at the same time I will NOT pay $80something for a pair of RIPPED jeans. For God's sake, go down to the thrift store and buy a pair of jeans for $7 and rip them yourself! Jeez... I don't shop at any one store...I walk around and if I see something I like in *any* store's window, I'll buy. But I have to really like it. If I had more time, I'd make more of my own clothing. At least I know it fits. ;)
    (Everyone at my high school wears this stuff...+ think they're 'cool'....NEWSFLASH: they all look exactly THE SAME.)
  16. Aug 5, 2006 #15
    Wise beyond your years, I was in the same situation at school, I only fell into the trap once and learnt from it; there seriously are better things than clothes to spend your money on, I kid you not, they are sheep, you are better than that :smile:
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    If it's not your money, then it's no big surprise you don't care what is costs. :rolleyes:
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    My style is Salvation Army, or maybe K-mart or Target. I prefer to wear cheap stuff, but then I prefer to wear minimal amount of clothing - shorts and T-shirt. I have reasonable casual and formal wear, but I try to wear that as little as possible.

    My mom and now my wife fret because I'll wear shoes with holes in the soles and sides. :biggrin:

    I prefer to go barefoot.
  19. Aug 5, 2006 #18
    I have expensive stuff that I like to wear because you actually get what you pay for. The dyes and stitching in higher end clothing are MUCH better quality than cheaper stuff. I have a bunch of Lacoste polos for a couple years now and the color still looks the same as the first day I bought it, no fading at all. I stopped buying stuff from places like old navy a long time ago because I would get really pissed at how the buttons fell off after only 2 months or the clothing would get faded only after 3 or 4 washes.
  20. Aug 5, 2006 #19
    My favorite polo shirts have never shown any sign of fading, and some of them are nearly four years old. I get most of these from the 'sale' bin at the gap - sometimes as low as $6 (for the brown one with three neon green stripes).
  21. Aug 5, 2006 #20
    I always wash my clothes on the warm/cold cycle though, never use cold water only. the cheaper clothes i have always fade after a few washes. gap does have some decent stuff sometimes which you can even get on sale. i have started to live by the philosophy of "save a nickel, spend a dime". i never buy cheap flimsy stuff anymore because when i want something i want it done right. i have no problem paying more for quality. if i can find stuff on sale that is quality that is even better.
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