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What’s the more adequate engineering?

  1. Aug 3, 2011 #1
    I am a student who has six days to decide which course to go, but it seems that the more I research the more confuse I get, due to the many options available.

    What I want to learn is electronic / electromechanical physics (aerodynamics income etc.), ( want to lear all that i need to build electrical machines, or car computers.. etc)

    With this in mind my main options are:
    Mechanical engineering.
    Electromechanical engineering.
    Electrical engineering.
    Electronic Engineering.

    Could be recommended any of the prior art in view of what I want to learn? thanks
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    Electromechanical engineering. But it really depends on what courses are offered at your institution as far as covering the topics you want to learn. You would be better served consulting with an academic advisor, or with the faculty in the various departments.
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