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What's the most high-energy photon or particle discovered? Where are we in that?

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    I googled it and got some particles with 5×10^19eV- 3.69×10^25eV-, but I know I've heard bigger somewhere else...
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    From where did one find those numbers. The number 5×10^19eV is frequently given in reference to the 'GZK cutoff' or 'GZK limit'.

    There are some indications of particle energies in the 1020 eV range.

    One should review the following (and search for reliable information on Ultrahigh energy cosmis rays, or UHECR):
    http://www.telescopearray.org/outreach/uhecr.html [Broken]





    http://canopus.chungnam.ac.kr/kaw3/00_PDF_kaw3/v37n5p421_jones.pdf [Broken]

    In terrestrial proton accelerators (synchrotrons), we get particles into the TeV (1012 eV) range, but not quite to 1013 eV.
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    I was thinking more around *10^27 and beyond...
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