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B What's the status of supersymmetry

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    So far no signs of supersymmetry has been found though there are theoretical support for it. Is supersymmetry still possible or has it been proven wrong?
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    It is still possible. All our exclusion limits are in the low energy range. It is impossible to exclude supersymmetry fully with any current or proposed collider. The motivation for supersymmetry gets weaker the higher our exclusion limits get, however.
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    From naturalness argument people expected SUSY to kick in at the 1TeV scale (this was motivated by radiative corrections for the Higgs boson). So our notion of naturalness seems to be wrong. Theoretically, SUSY could still be there, but it becomes more and more improbable (in a Bayesian sense).

    I think in the future people will regard SUSY as a useful mathematical tool which aided us to get certain insights, like dualities. And, of course, in retrospect it's always easy to say "it was wrong", but the theoretical motivations for it were very solid. From e.g. SU(5)-unification we know however that nature does not always follow our notion of beauty.
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