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    A High energy symmetry breaking and laws of physics?

    In some models of the beginning of the universe, like for example in chaotic inflation, space would stop expanding in some points, creating hubble volumes that could experience different spontaneous symmetry breaking, which would result in different properties, such as different physical...
  2. Q

    A Invariance of discrete Spectrum with respect a Darboux transformation

    According to this this the Darboux transformation preserves the discrete spectrum of the Haniltonian in quantum mechanics. Is there a proof for this? My best guess is that it has to do with the fact that $$Q^{\pm}$$ are ladder operators but I'm not sure.
  3. M

    Why does a SUSY Lagrangian only contain F and D terms?

    I'm reading a book on AdS/CFT by Ammon and Erdmenger and chapter 3 covers supersymmetry. This isn't my first look at SUSY but it's my first in depth look to really try to understand it, and when they talk about constructing a Lagrangian for ##\mathcal{N}=1## chiral superfields they write the...
  4. V

    B Supersymmetry purpose

    Can someone give me an explanation telling me the actual purpose of supersymmetry and what it’s meant to show or predict or solve?
  5. K

    I Mirror matter and supersymmetry

    there is considerable research interest in supersymmetry, both for string theory and particle physics. What would be the implications to physics if parity symmetry is a fundamental symmetry, and therefore mirror matter and mirror bosons exist? would this imply mirror matter has all same exact...
  6. M

    A Representation theory of supersymmetry

    I had heard of adinkras but didn't realize that they were meant to play this role. Nor did I realize that the representation theory of supersymmetry is mathematically underdeveloped.
  7. H

    A Are neutralinos composite?

    In supersymmetric extensions of the standard model, the neutralinos and charginos (popular candidates for dark matter) are often included. However, it is known that these fermionic particles are linear combinations of supersymmetric bosinos (such as gauginos and higgsinos). Therefore, it seems...
  8. N

    A Does supersymmetry rule out asymptotic safety?

    If we find supersymmetry at the LHC, would this prove asymptotic safety in QG wrong? Here's the article
  9. Heisenberg1993

    A Real parameters and imaginary generators

    I was reading some lecture notes on super-symmetry (, second page). It is stated that ". In order for all rotation and boost parameters to be real, one must take all the Ji and Ki to be imaginary". I didn't understand the link between the two. What does...
  10. haushofer

    Insights General Relativity as a Gauge Theory - Comments

    haushofer submitted a new PF Insights post General Relativity as a Gauge Theory Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  11. Urs Schreiber

    Insights 11d Gravity From Just the Torsion Constraint - Comments

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    A N=2 Super Yang-Mills

    I was wondering since the Vector supermultiplet in N=2 SUSY can be built from a Chiral and a Vector supermultiplet from N=1, in order to make up the off-shell degrees of freedom, would you include the two auxiliary fields from the N=1 theory (traditionally F from the Chiral and D from the vector...
  13. Urs Schreiber

    Insights Why Supersymmetry? Because of Deligne's theorem - Comments

    Urs Schreiber submitted a new PF Insights post Why Supersymmetry? Because of Deligne's theorem. Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    A What would falsify supersymmetry? LHC Nightmare scenario

    The LHC nightmare scenario after 15 years of operation and 3000 fb-1 total integrated luminosity at 14 TEV, it only finds Higgs and nothing else. with LHC not finding any SUSY partners and LUX/Panda not finding any WIMPS, obviously SUSY can be adjusted to accommodate these null results...
  15. F

    A Invariance of Wess Zumino Action under SUSY

    Hi guys, I have a very basic question about the WZ model. I want to show that it is invariant under SUSY transformations. The action is \int{d^4 x} \partial^\mu \phi* \partial_\mu \phi +i\psi^† \bar{\sigma}^\mu \partial_\mu \psi The SUSY transformations are \delta\phi = \epsilon \psi ...
  16. zdroide

    B H boson is 125 GeV, super symmetry, multiverse not possible?

    What other theories this number make impossible or improbable. When final number was given I hear some older physicist saying for one " 40 years of works gone" second grinding "only 30 for me!" We are ask to follow establish science. Seem to me that lots of theories was built on other's ones and...
  17. P

    Implication of the bilinear

    What does it mean that a Killing vector and a total differential of a certain theory are related to bilinears? In other words, why would bilinears (e.g. of the forms ##<\gamma_0\epsilon, \gamma_5\gamma_{\mu}\epsilon>## and ##<\gamma_0\epsilon, \gamma_{\mu}\epsilon>## tell us anything about...
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    How to know which gauge transformation we should use?

    Spinors in $N=2, D=4$ supergravity can be simplified using gauge transformation and thus canonical spinors can be found. In the case of $N=2, D=4$ supergravity the gauge transformation Spin (3,1) is used. My question is how do we know which transformation can be used in a certain theory in order...
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    What does ##\delta F=0## mean?

    Links for [1] and [2] are below. Please have a look here section 12.6 [1]. It says here that Given the action of a supergravity theory, it is generally useful to search for solutions of the classical equations of motion. It is most useful to obtain solutions that can be interpreted as...
  20. E

    Why do those two terms add here?

    When I was studying complex manifolds in a Freedman's SUGRA book, I ran across this. In a complex manifold, the metric is $$ds^2=g_{ab}dz^adz^b\hspace{3cm}(1)$$...
  21. E

    Why complex scalars?

    The scalar fields of supersymmetric theories in 4 spacetime dimensions are a set of complex fields (usually denoted by ##z^{\alpha}##). How can this be physically translated? More precisely, we know that in 5D, those scalars are real, so what is that makes them real here but complex there?
  22. E

    What is a Vector Multiplet?

    I have been trying for a while to read a precise definition of a Vector Multiplet (to whom ##N=2## Supergravity theories couple to in ##4D##) but was not lucky in finding a self-contained one. The best I got was that on though it was on...
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    Scalars and special geometry

    Crossing over the following paragraph: There are three types of special manifolds which we shall discuss, related to the real scalars of gauge multiplets in D = 5, the complex scalars of D = 4 gauge multiplets and the quaternionic scalars of hypermultiplets. Since there are no scalars in the...
  24. E

    Why a bosonic background in SUGRA?

    In this, for example on p.7 and in many other references, people usually say: we will concentrate on the bosonic part of the Lagrangian in N=1 (sometimes N=2) supergravity. In other incidents, people say, that they are going to...
  25. P

    Lorentz Transformation on Left & Right Chiral Spinors

    I will start with a summary of my confusion: I came across seemingly contradictory transformation rules for left and right chiral spinor in 2 books, and am unable to understand what part is Physics and what part is convention. Or is it that one of the two books incorrectly writes the...
  26. haael

    Susskind on supersymmetry vs. cosmological constant?

    In one book of Susskind I found the following claim and I wanted to ask for its basis. Susskind says that each kind of boson gives positive contribution to the cosmological constant (the lighter, the better). Each kind of fermion gives negative contribution to the cosmological constant. Thus...
  27. K

    Scientific implications of latest LHC SUSY beauty quark LHC Keeps Bruising 'Difficult to Kill' Supersymmetry Previous attempts at measuring the beauty quark's rare transformation into a so-called "up quark" had yielded conflicting results. That prompted...
  28. W

    Twice of supersymmetric transformation = translation

    Hello, I have one conceptual question. I have been working on Supersymmetry. Now, I understand that twice of supersymmetric transformation is equivalent to translation mathematically(naively). However, I don't quite understand why this should be the case conceptually. Supersymmetric...
  29. C

    Introductory textbooks for Supersymmetry?

    Hi everyone, As of late I've been really wanting to push on with my interest in particle Physics by tackling the rather daunting theoretical model that we call supersymmetry. However, to put it simply, I'm not entirely sure where to start! There's so many different textbooks on the subject out...
  30. Jesus

    SUSY N=1 masless supermultiplet

    In the massless case of N=1 simple supersimetry, the states are labeled by the helicity λ and the four-momentum. In this case we have two states in the supermultiplet plus CPT conjugates: |pμ, ± λ> and |pμ, ± (λ-½)> Then there is a λ= {0, ½} supermultiplet (where for example a quark with λ=½...