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What's this website about? ("nucleus layered view")

  1. Jan 21, 2016 #1
    Hello, I happened to randomly come upon a website showing some interesting images of the nucleus of different atoms in a layered format I've never seen before [external link redacted]. In fact, when I googled "nucleus layered view", a term found on the website, it only had similar image references to this website. Just curious what this is about if anyone knows.
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    Hard to tell if this is pseudoscience or just silly, as other information on the site appears correct. But the nucleus does not have such a "layered structure."

    I've redacted to link in the OP as this is not useful to learn about nuclear physics.
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    Thank you, having looked a bit more, it looks like some type of game where you build atomic nuclei...fun!
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    Perhaps it refers to the shell model? As in "shell" being treated as a "layer"?
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