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What's your favorite movie?

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    Thought it would be cool to make a list of good movies to checkout. Any suggestions?
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    I'm going to watch Memento tonight. xkcd said it was good.
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    I can not find a movie i like, i will watch blood and guts ones if they are above inane,
    there are no sci fi worth watching, war of the worlds was just watchable.
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    "Revolver" with Jason Statham. This movie is extremely psychological. I had to watch it two or three times to actually understand what's it about.
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    alien vs preditor 2 was an alright show but i sorta like the first 1 better mostly because of where it takes place.
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    Memento is very good.

    I don't know that I have a favorite movie. I like "The day the earth stood still", but "The Princess Bride" and "Time Bandits" probably tie for first place. "The Never Ending story" is another favorite. I like the "Secret of Nihm" also.

    When I was little the Disney movie "Sleeping Beauty" was my all time favorite, followed by "Cinderella", "101 Dalmations", "Fantasia", "Snow White", "Lady and the Tramp", and "The Aristocats". I also liked "Gay Purr-ee", the story of Mewsette and Meowrice.

    My all time favorite horror movie is the original 1963 movie "The Haunting" with Julie Harris and Claire Bloom. The remake was a piece of crap.

    Favorite Christmas movies _ "The Bishop's Wife", "Holiday Inn", "White Christmas", "Miracle on 34th Street" and "It's a wonderful life".

    Best tear jerker - Mrs Miniver.

    Favorite comedy ghost movies "Topper", "Blythe Spirit" and "The Ghost and Mrs Muir".

    Oh, Oh, and "Death takes a Holiday"!!

    I also love "Here comes Mr Jordan" and the even better remake "Heaven can wait". Damn, I love that movie, it's hysterical and it makes you cry.

    "How to murder your wife" with Jack Lemmon was great.
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    "Citizen Kane," my fave of all time. Take it with a giant grain of salt, though, I don't watch movies very often.

    "Momento" is great. It does have some violence, but it's OK in the context of the plot, and I don't think it's gratuitous.
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    I rarely watch movies (usually cant make myself sit there that long), but when I do I usually go for something stupid and funny ie Will Ferrell movies. For a really old one I like that old bike movie "On Any Sunday". Two movies I can watch again and again are the Blues Brothers and the Blues Brothers 2000 although the first one is hands down the best.
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    Definitely all of the Metal Gear solid games of the Metal Gear Solid series are a must see . Its advertised as a video game. But its really a movie. But the cutscenes are more interesting than the gameplay in my opinion. But just a tiny bit more interesting.
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    My absolute favourite is 'Birds of Prey', but a very close second is 'Charly' (the only SF movie in history to win a best actor Oscar).
  12. Apr 19, 2008 #11
    Top 10 in no particular order of preference.

    1. Blade Runner
    2. Fight Club
    3. Cassablanca
    4. Ice Cold in Alex
    5. LoTR: all 3 films
    6. Donnie Darko
    7. The Life of Brian
    8. The Matrix (first one)
    9. The 39 Steps (black and white version)
    10. Alien/Aliens/Alien III/Alien Resurrection

    Top 100 would take forever.
  13. Apr 19, 2008 #12
    Ghostbusters - Scientists leave academia for industry and start a company trapping ghosts in New York.

    Back to the Future - Teenager goes back to the fifties in a souped up car.

    Edward Scissorhands - The unfinished man with scissors for hands is adopted out by a suburban Californian family.

    Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy - a satire on the pharmaceutical industry. Scientists at Roritor invent a drug that makes people happy, only to discover that the pill makes people comatose too.

    Les Visiteurs (the original French version) - A French knight and his servant are transported to present day France after drinking the potion of an inept wizard. Hijinks ensue as the pair are confronted by various modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing and electricity.

    Election - Tracy Flick is an overachieving student bent on padding her college applications. Her run for student council president becomes less straightfoward when a teacher, Mr McAllister, decides to encourage Paul, a sweet but dim athlete, to give her a little competition for the position. Things get out of hand when Paul's lesbian sister, Tammy, is dumped for Paul and Tammy becomes a candidate as well. And Mr McAllister gives a lesson on what good American democracy is really like!

    Donnie Darko - a teenage boy sees a creepy guy dressed in a rabbit costume. After a jet engine crashes into his house Donnie begins following the rabbit's instructions with surprising entropy-reducing results. But why?

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Jim Carrey wakes up from a strange dream about being in love with a girl he can't quite remember.

    Fargo - A wildly incompetent set of criminals are hired by a man to take his wife hostage. An impertubably competent policewoman follows the clues across particularly frigid parts of Minnesota.

    Being John Malkovitch - By sliding down a tube in an office crawlspace people can inhabit John Malkovitch's body. Yes!

    New Waterford Girl - a teenage girl in rural Cape Breton in the 1970's comes up with an imaginative way to escape the small town where she lives.

    Love Actually - an ensemble of loosely linked individuals find love.
  14. Apr 19, 2008 #13
    Die Hard
    French Connection
    The Shinning
    Ghostbusters I/II
  15. Apr 19, 2008 #14
    Dr Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is a great movie. It essentially satirized the Cold War...and it was made in the year 1963. :P
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    Les Visiteurs (the original French version) - A French knight and his servant are transported to present day France after drinking the potion of an inept wizard. Hijinks ensue as the pair are confronted by various modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing and electricity.

    This one sounds good, is it out with English sub titles?
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    Princess Bride
    Shrek (1st)
    Matrix (1st)
    Christmas Story

    For movies recently released on DVD, Michael Clayton and I am Legend are both quite good.
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    The Talented Mr Ripley, Get Shorty, The Mission, 12 Angry Men, Howard's End.
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    Jurassic Park is one of my favourites.

    One of the few movies that was nearly as good as the novel (despite being quite different from it in many ways). Likewise for LOTR.
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    Tears of the Sun-Best war movie I've ever seen, good story behind it.
    Napolean Dynamite-Its a classic, and I love it.
    The Gods Must be Crazy (1 and 2)-Really funny movies involving Bushmen.
    Lots of others...
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