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When fusion energy is successful, what happen to other sources of energy?

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    Hi, I have a question that might involve politics so I post it here.

    In the near future when fusion energy become successful, cheap, low-cost, small size, high above break-even point, etc. are there any role left for other alternative energy such as solar, wind, etc? Do we need those alternative anymore? It seems that fusion energy will make other alternatives become redundant.

    Thank you.
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    Would be nice. But it's always the near future. Was like that when I went to university in 1971 and now it still is. The etc. you mention is also pretty tough: will it be clean enough when it comes, IF it comes ...
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    Thank for reply, you basically mean that when it comes, it will blow other alternative energy out the water right? But it is very tough.
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    Thanks for the link, I read it and I conclude that we should do both because fusion is still faraway.
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