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When is too late to take the GRE for fall admission?

  1. Mar 18, 2012 #1
    Roughly, when is the latest I could take the GRE for fall grad school admission?

    I'm a second semester junior currently, and I am planning on going straight to grad school after senior year.
    Would taking the GRE (applied physics major) in the fall (around September) be too late?

    Also, about how long is a decent enough time to study in advance?
    I'm much better at short term studying (meaning I can cram very well vs studying over a long period because I wind up getting bored with the material too quickly).

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    It takes around 6 weeks for you to get your scores from a GRE exam. Most grad school applications are due ~December of the year before you plan on starting grad school. Also, consider the time it takes for the ETS to send official score reports to the schools you are applying to.

    I took the physics GRE in the beginning of November of my senior year and that was definitely cutting it close! I would shoot for August at the latest. That way, you also have a chance to retake it if you need to.
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