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When should I start applying for jobs?

  1. Oct 5, 2012 #1
    I'm [STRIKE]planning[/STRIKE] hoping to graduate from my physics phd program at the end of the school year (graduation date in May) and am itching to start applying for jobs now.

    When is a good time to start applying for (non-academic) jobs?

    Is it a bad idea to apply to job postings this early?

    What type of timeframe are these job posts on, from when they post to an online job board, to when they expect the person to start working?

    Is it unheard of for a company, if they really want a person that they just interviewed, to wait several months for that person to start work?

    Thanks for any input you might have.
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    Many people start applying in January but I don't think it hurts to apply now and get your resume in the pile early. Another thing to do is to get on LinkedIn and setup a profile and get connected with others.

    Next don't forget to cleanup your Facebook act as employers routinely scour it for information on prospective employees.

    Get some recommendation writers lined up too as some employers like to talk to other who know you to get a fuller picture of your capabilities and weaknesses.

    Should you get an interview, remember to have answers to gaps in your résumé and remember to have succinct answers to projects or course work you've listed.
  4. Oct 7, 2012 #3
    I would start looking for jobs now. A few of my friends got hired/interviewed from a career fair that was held in September and then the had jobs waiting for them when they graduated in May. It definitely reduces a lot of the stress associated with trying to find jobs later on. I wish I had a job already lined up for me when I graduated, but now I'm still trying to find one and I graduated in May (started applying mid-late June).

    Some companies obviously want to fill a position as fast as possible, but because you're still in school and a good candidate, they are willing to work with you. Look at the job description too, some companies say 'Looking for December 2012 grads' or 'Work starts June 2013' or something along those lines. I would say apply and see if the company is willing to work with you. Better to find out than not have any clue and miss out on an opportunity.
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