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When the word light is mentioned what comes into your mind?

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    When the word "light" is mentioned what comes into your mind?

    When the word "light" is mentioned what comes into your mind? Not only the basic definition, list everything you can think of. No need to explain.

    The purpose behind this is I'm creating a massive mind map and want to make sure I get everything included.

    Let's try and keep this post as an excellent reference for people wanting to know what light is and what's associated with light :)

    Good luck
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    What light is:

    not heavy
    type of beer or soft drink
    kind of food that doesn't make one fat
    what to do to your barbeque when it's time to cook (ignite)
    kind of person who thinks in shallow ideas (light-weight thinker)
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    ^ I guess the above is enough for non-science definitions.

    Can we get some real science definitions going? :D
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    A massive mind map of something that is massless? :confused:

    (Cue one of our ever-popular debates about "rest mass / invariant mass" versus "relativistic mass." :rolleyes:)
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    Gentlemen prefer blondes because where there's light there's heat.
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    Light has dual nature, diffraction and interference, i.e. which is wave and particle nature.

    Its a electromagnetic wave by Bohr.

    PM for more help
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    light is something which gives us the sence of sight, having dual nature, a kind of radiation, a energy, which shows many phenomenas like differaction, interference, reflaction, scattering etc etc
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    Photons, aka electromagnetic radiation.
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    If you want a scientific definition, "light" is radiation and is just that part of the electromagnetic (EM) radiation spectrum which is naturally visible to humans. The term also may include the lower infrared frequencies and the higher ultraviolet frequencies that are not visible. The only difference between low frequency waves like radio waves, visible light and high frequency waves such as gamma radiation is the inversely related frequency/wave length. Long waves mean low frequency, short waves mean high frequency. All EM radiation travels at the "speed of light" in a vacuum. The energy of any EM radiation is a direct function of its frequency.
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    Dark because "all experiments on light must be done in the dark". Was it Goethe who said something like that?
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    Is that the same guy from "pride Goethe before a fall", or someone else?
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    When some bast--d cheats me out of money i am light in the pocket.
  14. Jun 30, 2013 #13
    Doesn't sound like it. So you may as well lighten up and have a lite beer.
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    That light is such a small slice of the entire electromagnetic spectrum
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    Hence the name. A larger slice would be heavy.
  17. Jun 30, 2013 #16
    Black body spectrum vs. Spectral lines

    Light absorption of chlorophyl making life possible.
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    I need to get round to replacing the blown bulbs in my kitchen.
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    I think of coca-cola light (but in my brain it's "coca light"), also known as Diet Coke in the USA.
  20. Jun 30, 2013 #19
    The first thing that comes to mind is photons and then time. I am always impressed that when we look at stars we see light that came from the past in the present. This then leads me to think about worldlines and light cones.
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    This is really cute :biggrin: lol
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