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Other Where and how can i study this ? thank you .

  1. Jun 24, 2016 #1
    i am currently 18 years old , i just finished high-school with a high average , i can study almost anything i want in my country (Tunisia - north africa) but i do not think that i can find what i need here . i have a problem in my mind , i want to understand the architecture of our (human) intelligence and consciousness (general) and i am really interested in Artificial intelligence . so to sum things up , i am interested in Neuroscience , physics and technology . since the program of our schools here in tunisia is really limited i did do some independant research on programming and algorithms which i succeeded at and managed to get myself working with engineers from all around the world . now when it comes to neuroscience , i was unable to study that on my own, but i cannot get it off my mind . the reason i mentioned physics , is because i believe that without Quantum mechanics and the probability theory and uncertainty , free-will does not exist , and i believe that free-will is real (you cannot blame me for that since proving otherwise is not possible) anyway , i was unable to find the right place for me to study all of these fields at once ... can someone please guide me ? thank you.
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    First of all, you really should restrict your question to JUST the narrow scope that you want to know, rather than threading on thin ice by including your own "personal theory" which might violate the forum rules (you don't want to run into trouble in just your very first post).

    Secondly, it is useless for me to suggest that you go to, say Harvard, if you do not have the resources or capability to do that. You need to elaborate a lot more on your situation, i.e. what can you afford, what have you done to further your studies overseas (TOEFL, SAT, etc.). Without such information, we might simply give you suggestion that you can't use. What good will that do?

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    thank you Zapper , i did not take any supplementary tests (SAT..) my father can afford , don't worry about that part . where though ? (i can't get to the united states , my limit is europe).
    if i don't take any moves now , i will end up being a doctor like everyone else .
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    Hey Braham.

    If you are curious about uncertainty and free will the best suggestion I can give to start is work your way up to understanding probability, statistics, calculus and information theory.

    Your question of free will is going to be a function of information and uncertainty and you will find that this understanding in context will help you more (at a foundational level) than philosophy, science, and other branches (even though they certainly can complement this mathematical understanding of uncertainty extremely well).

    You cover most of this stuff in a mathematics degree with the right electives.
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