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Where are free online classes for Scientific Notation?

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    I am new to astronomy and astrophysics, can anyone point to a great free online place to learn scientific notation? I am quite obsessed with learning the math, but unfortunately have not the funds to attend a proper school. Unfortunately I work for a cheap employer who doesn't even pay for work performed, he thinks I am a machine who is there to do his bidding at no cost to him. Is there any place online where I can learn the meanings and pronunciations of the symbols. I already understand the Power of 10. I know that this one Ω is Omega, and this one ∞ is infinity, and this one Δ is delta, and this one ∅ equals the content of my wallet, and the small numbers and letters are exponents. But how and when to use them is perplexing. I need a class. any recommendations? Thanks.
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    Scientific notation can mean writing numbers like 1.2354*10^4, so the question can be a little confusing.

    Unfortunately, learning symbols as an exercise in and of itself is not very useful, other than maybe memorizing the Greek alphabet, science scientists tend to use those symbols a lot.

    Most symbols have mathematical and/or physical meaning which you get from the context. Learning the symbols without learning the mathematics or physics involved is not very useful.

    There are plenty of math and physics lectures, some from the best schools in the world like Stanford and MIT available online for free. In addition, most physics books have a list of common units and constants that are used in physics in their appendix or inside cover.
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    Thanks for the links and tips. And thank you for the kind welcome.
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