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I Where are the four muons in this picture

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    Hi all.

    It is picture of simulation for higgs decays into four muons.

    Im wondering which track line is four muon.

    My guess is four thick yellow line at right-bottom side of the picture cuase it looks energetic.

    Am i right? Or any other opinion?

    Thanks alot

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    Hard to tell without more context. They should have a large curvature radius and go through the whole detector. The two lines ending in the lower central part look like muon tracks, the one ending below the right center looks like a muon track.
    The one "disappearing" in the right center could be a muon moving towards us or away from us, depending on the projection chosen.

    You don't learn much about particle physics from those event displays. The actual analysis uses the numbers from track/cluster reconstruction and particle identification algorithms.
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    thanks mfb
    im gonna have a tattoo of this pic and wanna highlight the muon tracks. i got this pic on the cms page and there is not much information about it.
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