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Where are the missing de-broglie waves?

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    Imagine that different of massed particles of a planet moving together by orbitation and rotation, shouldn't they produce different wave that could be orservable? Instead of refer to our reference observer (in lab)?

    I mean, when we say 'a mass with velocity v and mas m will produce wavelength lamda' when the mass we study already has its wave respect to planet's movement?
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    The de Broglie waves you are thinking about do not exist in real spacetime. Nor is it a wave that propagates through spacetime like sound waves or electromagnetic waves.

    The waves they refer to are vectors in Hilbert space. To fully understand this, you need to study quantum mechanics.
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    This is weird, I though every mass that are moving will produce wave.
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    You need to be VERY careful in interpretating words and phrases from any area of science. The word may be identical to what you have been using, but the MEANING may be very different.

    In QM, these "waves" are NOT real physical waves that you are familiar with. As has been said, at some point, these are waves in what is known as "configuration space", and they are not something you detect directly.

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    What I mean here is de-broglie wave.

    What I want to ask is something like this: 'Inside a moving train there are different kind of masses particle. Judging their movement relative to train, they should have different de-broglie wavelength, which should be noticeable by 'indirect detection' (I donno if is it that's you're meaning about). But when experiment carried in the train, we do our wave-particle experiment on these particles and found their respectively de-broglie wave respect to velocity adjust by experiment its own. Then, where are the missing de-broglie wave respact to the train?
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