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I Unit and dimension about De broglie wave

  1. Apr 19, 2016 #1
    From the de Broglie wave formula we know,

    In actual examples of course the answer would be 'something [meters]'

    I am having hardtime to understand how unit of h/mv
    [J*s]/[kg]*[m/s] turn into wavelength unit

    I studied the Mass-Energy relation part earlier,
    But still can't get the precise way how actually it works and modifes its unit.
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    What is 1 Joule, expressed in SI base units?
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    Planck's constant is h -its units are joule-sec;
    Joule is expressed as energy - its units are kg.m^2.s ^-2 ; so j--s will be kg.m^2.s^-1
    so h/ p will be kg.m^2.s^-1 /(kg.m.s^-1 ) = m (in meters) which is the unit of Lambda the wavelength.
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